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Styles P Dismisses Rick Ross/Biggie Comparisons

Styles P Dismisses Rick Ross/Biggie Comparisons

Styles P says he doesn’t understand parallels people draw between Ross and the late B.I.G.

Rick Ross’ transformation into one of Hip Hop’s heavyweights has not come without a few beefs, missteps, and controversies. The Florida “teflon don” is continuing to etch his name into the Rap books, even drawing some generous comparisons. This past January, Diddy compared Ross to the late B.I.G.

Speaking about Ross’ verse on the Dirty Money collaboration “Angels,” Diddy told Spliff TV, “Oh ya’ll ain’t hear the second verse? Yo, y’all gonna peep that when we world premiere that. I don’t know, I guess him and Biggie locked up in the room, even my man D Roc said that. For my man D Roc to say that and co-sign it like ‘Yo, my man right there sounding like our homie.’ That right there is something special…I don’t know what was going on in the studio, the spirits were connecting.”

While Diddy likens Ross’ skill to that of Biggie, others aren’t so quick to jump to that sentiment. Former Bad Boy artist Styles P said he believes similarities between the two rappers stop at the surface.

“I just think it’s because they’re big, they’re both dark skinned,” Styles P told Next 48 Hours. “But to me, no disrespect to Ross, but Big’s a one of a kind in the whole music industry. I don’t think no one is ever going to be compared to B.I.G. Ross is definitely a spitter, definitely ill. I think it comes from that, he’s got lyrics and he’s big and it’s been a long time since they had a big black dude that was lyrical so probably kinda automatic. Ross is in a class by himself and B.I.G.’s in a class by himself. I don’t see the comparisons besides just being big and lyrical.”

Excerpt from HipHopDx.com



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