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DJ Clark Kent Recalls Atlantic Records Passing on Jay-Z

DJ Clark Kent Recalls Atlantic Records Passing on Jay-Z

DJ Clarks Kent chops it up with the Usual Suspects about how Atlantic Records passed up the chance to sign a young Jay-Z.

The legendary DJ Clark Kent recently caught up with the Usual Suspects’ DJ O-Sharp and Trav Dave to discuss his memories of working with a young Jay-Z. He says that he brought Hov to Atlantic Records when he was working at the label as an A&R, but the label passed on the budding star.

“I brought [Jay-Z to Atlantic Records],” he said. “Because I worked there as an A&R, I’m going to say that they didn’t have enough budget [to sign him] because enough signings had happened at that precise moment, so maybe that’s why. I’m going to leave it that way. I’m not going to sit here and say that I didn’t like [Atlantic], because later on after we put records out ourselves, everybody was like [to Jay], ‘We love you!’…when that ‘Ain’t No Nigga’ [song] came out, it was trouble. It’s not like [just] one label that I worked for let him slide by him. [Atlantic] slid by him for so long that I quit and went to work for another company and they slid by him for so long, so that I was like, ‘We’ve just got to put out our own shit’…the rest is just billionaire status.”

Excerpt from HipHopDx.com



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