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Soulja Boy’s Mixtape Delays Cunninlynguists’ Kno’s Debut

Soulja Boy's Mixtape Delays Cunninlynguists' Kno's Debut

Soulja Boy’s Swag Flu causes the delay of Kno’s solo debut Death Is Silent

Soulja Boy and independent producer/emcee Kno aren’t often the topic of the same conversation, but the fate of the Cunninlynguists producer’s solo debut is now tied to Soulja Boy. Death Is Silent has been pushed back from October 12 to October 26 due to a barcoding issue.

“Due to a UPC issue, Death Is Silent will now be released 10.26.10 in physical stores instead of 10.12.10—pre-orders and digital release will be unaffected barring any more clusterfuckery,” Kno explained on the QN5 message board. “In a nutshell, a Souljah Boy mixtape entitled “Swag Flu” was accidentally given the same UPC code as my album and of course, since I haven’t sold a million records, my release got pushed back to make room for his.”

Excerpt from HipHopDx.com



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