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Solomon Burke Dies, Leaves Deep Impact On Hip Hop Music

Solomon Burke Dies, Leaves Deep Impact On Hip Hop Music

The 40+ year veteran singer died yesterday in Amsterdam, after his music helped make hits for Ghostface Killah and The UMC’s.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native Solomon Burke died yesterday, October 10, 2010. The iconic R&B/Soul/Rock/Gospel singer was 70 years old, and died in Amsterdam of natural causes.

Known within Hip Hop for his 1968 album, I Wish I Knew, the longtime Atlantic and MGM Records star took his rendition of “Get Out Of My Life Woman,” and created a sample that would reappear on hits such as The UMC’s “Blue Cheese” and Dr. Dre’s title track to The Chronic.

Burke’s 1972 soundtrack work to Cool Breeze also was sampled on Hip Hop hits such as Ghostface Killah’s “Apollo Kids” and Diamond D’s “Step To Me.”


Burke recorded between 1961, and the time of his death. In recent years, he had performed at Bonnaroo and Glastonbury festivals.

Excerpt from HipHopDx.com



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