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Joe Jackson Goes to Court to Challenge Michael’s Estate

Joe Jackson Goes to Court to Challenge Michael's Estate

The King of Pop’s father appeared in appeals court today to formally register his displeasure with his son’s estate.

In November of 2009 a court ruled that Joe Jackson, father of Pop icon Michael Jackson, had no cause to challenge the appointment of record executive John McClain and attorney John Branca as administrators of his late son’s estate. But today, October 6th, the King of Pop’s father had his second day in court, this time to appeal that earlier ruling.

The reasoning behind the elder Jackson’s complaints stem from the fact that he was omitted entirely from his son’s will, possibly due to the two men’s strained and allegedly abusive relationship. Jackson and his attorney are calling the validity of this will, drafted in 2002, into question as well as airing their feelings that Branca’s involvement with the estate qualifies as a conflict of interest.

Forbes is reporting that in the hearing, held this afternoon in Los Angeles, the attorneys for the estate mentioned time and again that Jackson family patriarch was “not an heir.” They also called attention to Joe Jackson’s rescinding of a petition to receive an allowance from his son’s estate suggesting that this was due to the fact that in continuing to pursue the remuneration he would open himself up to questioning under oath about actions he had taken previously which involved the estate. A ruling has yet to be reached.

Excerpt from HipHopDx.com



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