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New Album From Big L Coming Soon

New Album From Big L Coming Soon

Big L’s second posthumous album Return Of The Devils Son drops this fall

Return Of The Devils Son marks the first posthumous release from Big L in 10 years. Much like The Big Picture, Return Of The Devils Son features mostly previously unreleased material and production from his D.I.T.C. brethren. The LP will be the last from L, as this is said to empty out his vaults.

The album, which takes its names from L’s infamous debut 12″ “Devil’s Son,” will drop on November 16 via SMC Recordings.

1. Return Of The Devil’s Son [Prod. by Showbiz]
2. Devil’s Son [Prod. by Showbiz]
3. Zone Of Danger [Prod. by J-Love]
4. Sandman 118
5. School Days
6. Principle Of The New School [Prod. by Showbiz]
7. Unexpected Flava [Prod. by Lord Finesse]
8. Tony’s Touch
9. Right To The Top (feat. Royal Flush & Kool G Rap) [Prod. by Domingo]
10. Once Again
11. Harlem World Universal
12. I Won’t
13. Hard To Kill
14. Power Moves
15. If You Not Aware
16. I Should Have Used A Rubber
17. Doo Wop #5
18. Yes You Can
19. Audition
20. MC’s What’s Going On [Prod. by Showbiz]
21. Slaying The Mic

Are you happy to have more Big L material or do you feel his legacy should be left alone? Let us know below

Excerpt from HipHopDx.com



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