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Lupe Fiasco Explains Lasers Delay, Fans Plan Protest

Lupe Fiasco Explains Lasers Delay, Fans Plan Protest

Lupe tells fans Atlantic thinks he’s “whack” and fans plan a “Fiasco Friday” in protest of the label.

Lupe Fiasco attended the Second Regional Academic and Cultural Collaborative in Dayton, Ohio this weekend where he was a keynote speaker. There, he went into detail about why his long-awaited album Lasers is still being delayed.

Although he has touched on the topic before, he told fans that Atlantic demanded a 360 deal, including 25% earnings from original music, shows, and outside deals. He explained that, when he declined the offer, Atlantic threatened to withhold money to make music videos, and to not promote his music on the radio.

Lupe also said Atlantic didn’t like his music, or as he put it, “They think I’m whack.” He told fans that the label sent him hooks to record, and when he completed them, they still did not like them.

In reaction to Atlantic’s delaying of the album, fans have planned a march in protest. Dan Winchester, organizer of the march told DX, “We want to generate awareness to this injustice and hopefully force Atlantic to explain why and defend their position of holding this back for so long…[Lupe’s] music is empowering, inspiring, and draws attention to social issues in need of change.”

The march, called Fiasco Friday, will be held on Oct. 15 outside of Atlantic’s various offices around the nation. Lupe will reportedly be in attendance at the march in New York City.

“Fans and supporters will be wearing Fiasco attire, carrying picket signs, chanting, and spreading the message with any who will listen,” said Winchester.

Excerpt from HipHopDx.com



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