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Pete Rock & Nas Reunite On Lost Tapes Vol. 2

Pete Rock & Nas Reunite On Lost Tapes Vol. 2

For the first time since Illmatic, fans will hear Nas over a Pete Rock production

It has been 16 years since fans heard a young Nas rocking over a legendary Pete Rock production. The Queensbridge emcee and Mount Vernon producer crafted “The World Is Yours,” the final single from Illmatic. Much like with Large Professor, their separation has been the subject of speculation over the years. While Nas worked with Extra P again at the turn of the decade on Stillmatic and 1st Class, the Chocolate Boy Wonder has remained estranged from Nasir.

According to a tweet from Pete Rock yesterday, his productions will appear on Nas’ upcoming The Lost Tapes Vol. 2. Given that The Lost Tapes are made up of previously recorded material that wasn’t released, this was likely recorded years ago. No word on what album they recorded the song for though.


The Lost Tapes Vol. 2 is slated to drop on December 14.

Excerpt from HipHopDx.com



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