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Nick Cannon Accepts Suggested Eminem Charity Boxing Match Offer

Nick Cannon Accepts Suggested Eminem Charity Boxing Match Offer

UPDATE: Ever the jokester, Nick Cannon now suggests he teams up with MC Hammer for a tag-team grievance wrestling match against Eminem and Jay-Z.

A dated disagreement over Mariah Carey between Rap superstar Eminem and television personality/actor/musician Nick Cannon has come back into the limelight recently. Earlier this month, Cannon released a Slick Rick-inspired diss song, “The Warning,” towards the Shady Records front-man. Now, a jovial Cannon has suggested a charity boxing match between R&B diva Carey’s past and present lovers.

During a morning interview with New York’s 92.3 NOW FM radio show, Nick Cannon was approached by co-hosts about a suggested boxing match with Em. “Man to man, you and Em are gonna box-off,” said Nikki Hesse, the show’s co-host who was attempting to reach the Detroit Rap super-star, before noting that a Facebook.com petition page has been created “to try and get [Nick Cannon] and Eminem in the ring, man-to-man,” before Cannon interjected that it would be for charity.

“I think that’s a good idea,” responded Nick. “I’ve been sayin’ that for like a year,” acknowledging that he had heard a similar suggestion within Em’s group, D12. “I’m wid it! Tell me where to show up! I’ll be there…with bells on!”

Noting that dispute is both “silly” and “ridiculous,” Cannon continued, “He says it’s entertainment, so let’s take this entertainment to another level. I feel like you was disrespectful, as a man, so let’s meet man-to-man and do it old-school, just get back to a prize fight. Let’s get it! In the ring!”

Cannon, however, downplayed his physique moments later, considering himself “the Steve Urkel of Hip Hop,” claiming, “I’m not a fighter,” and that he’d rather be the fight’s under-dog. Seconds later, Cannon disputed being an underdog in size, adding with a laugh, “Because he’s in hiding, a lot of people don’t realize, Eminem is a lil’ dude.” Cannon then said he’s been boxing for 15 years.

Cannon continued his differing tunes, tweeting that he would bet on Eminem, should the match take place:


The entire audio discussion can be heard at NickCannon.com.

(September 27)

UPDATE: Earlier this week, the comedic personality has now suggested that he and MC Hammer take on the “Home and Home” headliners, Eminem and Jay-Z respectively. Earlier this week, Hammer expressed displeasure with Jay-Z’s reference to his 1990s financial struggles on “So Appalled.”

Jay-Z, MC Hammer and Eminem have all ignored Cannon’s requests thus far.


Excerpt from HipHopDx.com



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