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Lil Wayne and Birdman to Reunite for ‘Like Father, Like Son 2’

Lil Wayne and Birdman to Reunite for 'Like Father, Like Son 2'

Birdman tells MTV that he and Wayne will return with the sequel to their ’06 LP next year, and that he has two mixtapes in the works.

Between his T-Wayne project with T-Pain, the rumored I Can’t Feel My Face album with Juelz Santana, two other joint efforts with Drake and Lloyd and the long-awaited Tha Carter IV, it appears as if Lil Wayne’s eyes are bigger than his stomach. Now, Weezy F. can add yet another collaborative project to that list, as Birdman told MTV yesterday that they will be releasing a sequel to their 2006 smash album Like Father, Like Son in the coming year.

“The Like Father, Like Son 2 album, it’s gonna come out next year,” said Birdman. “We gonna do them all the time.” (MTV.com)

Birdman also talked about his two upcoming mixtapes, a collaborative street album from he and Mack Maine called White Boys and a solo mixtape titled The Godfather with DJ Scoob Doo. Accompanying the later of the two tapes will be a documentary DVD shot by Scoob. Birdman says that he was impressed with the way Scoob handled Wayne’s The Nino Brown DVD series.

“My first tape, I’m doing with [DJ] Scoob…The Godfather and the DVD,” he said. “Scoob is our partner. I really like what he did with Wayne, the Nino [Brown DVD series]. I felt like he should trend-set it. Do it with everybody. Me, Drake. I think it shows a different part, what people never get to see, because Scoob gets the exclusive. Everyday life, just life, how we breathe, eat. It’s nothing we’re scripting out. Just turn the camera on. The mixtape, I was like, ‘Come on, Scoob, let’s do it.’ I never did one. I always wanted to do one. With [Wayne] being gone, I just wanted to represent my son. We just go hard and go in.” (MTV.com)

He later added, “[With Nino], I enjoy just the whole play, watching my son’s last few days before he go to jail. That shit was priceless. It’s real what he was doing. Now that it’s almost over, we can sit back and watch. But it seems like yesterday. It was all workload. Workload and work mode. ‘Let’s shoot some videos, Stunna, let me record, let’s make sure everybody got what they need, because I’mma be gone for a year.’ All due respect for the grind mode. Scoob was there for all that.” (MTV.com)

Excerpt from HipHopDx.com



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