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Lil B of The Pack’s New Mixtape Inspired By MF DOOM

Lil B of The Pack's New Mixtape Inspired By MF DOOM

The Based God takes his latest inspirations from the Super Villain, as “MF Based” is born.

Berkley, California‘s resident eccentric emcee Lil B has just unleashed a new mixtape on the world and it takes as its inspiration from veteran Hip Hop emcee/producer MF DOOM. The tape, called MF Based, features The Pack front-man rapping over a number of DOOM’s tracks as well as beats from other sources.

It’s not surprising to hear Lil B pay respect to the former KMD front-man, as the New York City veteran has made a career of subverting mainstream Hip Hop conventions while also working with some of the game’s biggest names. B’s release of the recent “Ambient-Rap” record, “The Rain in England” and his work with Pop superstar Soulja Boy show that he has clearly been taking notes.

MF Based is available for download now at Lil B’s website, www.basedworld.com.

Excerpt from HipHopDx.com



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