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MC Ren, MC Eiht, Fab Five Freddy Featured On Tha Chill’s “Chillafornia” EP

MC Ren, MC Eiht, Fab Five Freddy Featured On Tha Chill's

Two weeks after Ice Cube’s new album, some true west coast O.G.’s come out to support one of their own, along with a legendary MTV veejay/Hip Hop icon.

Compton’s Most Wanted alum and veteran west coast producer/emcee Tha Chill is readying his latest work, Chillafornia EP. The October 12 release features some legendary contributors from the likes of longtime rhyme partner MC Eiht, N.W.A.’s MC Ren and perhaps and unlikely guest. Fab Five Freddy of Yo! MTV Raps and Wild Style fame will appear on his contemporary’s latest work. Freddy is known for being a director, art curator and video director for the likes of Nas and others.

The EP is a pre-cursor to an upcoming LP of the same name, which will feature King T, Yukmouth, Battlecat, Above The Law and others. Besides producing MC Ren’s first album in 11 years last summer, Renincarnated, Tha Chill is at work on nearly half of ATL’s forthcoming album. Chillafornia EP will be release by BJI/Hoopla Media.

The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Reintroduction (ft. Fab Five Freddy & MC Eiht)
2. Let’s Go (Ft. Big Rocc, Sir Jinx, Kill Att Will)
3. Whimps On The Trac (ft. OG Daddy V)
4. Have Dat Money Rite (Ft. MC Ren of NWA & Bokie Loc)
5. West (ft. Deadly Threat)
6. Chillafornia Interlude
7. Forever Live (ft. Wanted Gang & Bokie Loc)

Excerpt from HipHopDx.com



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