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Pusha T Talks G.O.O.D., Responds To Dipset “Runaway” Diss

Pusha T Talks G.O.O.D., Responds To Dipset

Pusha says he’s still making music with Malice, and gives a brief yet effective response to Jim Jones and Cam’ron’s diss track.

With Pusha T recently signing to G.O.O.D. Music and joining Kanye West for one of the VMA’s most talked about performances this year, he’s got much to look forward to. As one half of the still-funct Clipse, Pusha’s move to a solo career does not mean the end of the duo.

“[Malice and I] are still making music,” he told KarenCivil.com in an interview. “He’s actually working on a book and a film right now, so his ‘down time’ isn’t so down. It’s something we’ve always discussed just with having the whole Re-Up Gang situation. We were just like, we need to expand on the brand as much as possible. If that means putting out a Clipse album, a Re-Up Gang album, a solo album, anything that just makes the brand grow.”

In the meantime, Pusha T will be working on building his own brand. His first album on the new label is currently in the works.

“I’m on my way to Miami this week. I’m on my way to Atlanta next week to go sit down with Bangladesh. I’m on my way to go see Pharrell. I’ve got a few joints from Kanye already. I’m treating every record as album worthy or classic album worthy. We’ll take that and dice up and see where everything lands. I’m definitely working towards an album.”

While not working on the album, he’s appeared on other artists’ tracks, most notably, Kanye’s “Runaway” Jim Jones and Cam’ron did their own version of the song. Pusha T’s thoughts on their version, however, is brief.

“I haven’t heard it. Is it good?”

Excerpt from HipHopDx.com



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