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Boston Trial Planned After Stabbing Of Diplomats/Skull Gang Affiliate

Boston Trial Planned After Stabbing Of Diplomats/Skull Gang Affiliate

A witness/informant’s stabbing is headed to U.S. District Court trial is said to involve a said member of Dipset South and a former bodyguard for Made Men.

It was announced yesterday (Monday, September 20, 2010) that 44 year-old Trevor Watson will go on trial in the United States District Court this October for the reported stabbing of a government informant, who served as a witness to an ongoing case. Watson was previously acquitted for the stabbing of NBA star Paul Pierce in Boston 10 years ago this week.

57thAve.com has learned that the informant is believed to be a Diplomats/Skull Gang affiliate, named Curtis Best, whose stage name is Major Harris. Best had accused Watson from his hospital bed after a February 29, 2010 stabbing outside of a Roxybury, Massachusetts barbershop.

Major Harris had recently appeared in the video “Saucey Baby” in which Skull Gang leader Juelz Santana appeared.

AllHipHop.com has also reported that the accused, Watson, previously served as a bodyguard to Boston Rap group Made Men.

Excerpt from HipHopDx.com



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