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J. Cole Talks Being Labelmates With Willow Smith, October Mixtape

J. Cole Talks Being Labelmates With Willow Smith, October Mixtape

J. Cole speaks to Angela Yee about possibly meeting with the Smith family and reveals date for new mixtape.

Shade 45 radio personality Angela Yee recently caught up with RocNation artist J. Cole at the Eminem/Jay-Z show at Yankee Stadium and spoke to Cole about his new labelmate Willow Smith, his upcoming mixtape, and more.

“I haven’t met her, but I did just get a phone call that the family wants to meet me,” said J. Cole. “Cause I got so many raps shouting out Will Smith. I don’t know if you really notice I shout him out on ‘Who Dat,’ ‘A Star Is Born’…That’s just cause I got a high respect for him and even his family right now they got a perfect life. So I can’t wait to meet little Willow.”

J. Cole was somewhat reluctant to speak on his new mixtape, but did reveal that it will be released in early October.

“Really when I decided to do the mixtape it was on some spur of the moment,” J. Cole explained. “I had just did the song and I’m like ‘Damn I got all this music fuck it let’s just put out a mixtape.’ And now it’s like we putting together mixtapes like this is in the album, but that’s what today’s game is. I’m calling it a mixtape for the sake of calling it a mixtape, but it’s really an album in a sense.”

As far as the release date for a studio album J. Cole explained that a solid date is still up in the air.

“I don’t really have a definite date. I could say some shit, but it probably wouldn’t be right,” said Cole.

Excerpt from HipHopDx.com



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