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Bow Wow Recruits Jadakiss To Oversee Cash Money Debut

Bow Wow Recruits Jadakiss To Oversee Cash Money Debut

UPDATE: Jadakiss says that Bow Weezy may have spoken too soon, as the duo only had one phone conversation, but The L.O.X. star is still open.

With rappers such as Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z and T.I. executive producing peers’ projects other labels, D-Block’s Jadakiss may be the latest. In an interview with Real Talk NY, veteran rapper Bow Wow explained that he sought out some lyrical guidance for his first full-length with Cash Money Records.

“I have Jadakiss [on] board. Me and Jada, we’re gonna complete my whole entire album. I got Jada as the ambassador of my album. I did that because I wanted somebody who was well respected in Hip Hop to challenge me,” said the Columbus native. Bow Wow did admit that he’s yet to begin recording the project.

The two have not worked together on either’s solo albums previously.

Reportedly titled Who Is Shad Moss, the upcoming album will be Bow Wow’s first since leaving Sony Records last year. (August 11)

UPDATE: In a new interview with KarenCivil.com, The L.O.X. emcee revealed that Bow Wow may have spoken too soon on their plans. “That’s still in the [talking stages],” said Jadakiss about the reports of his overseeing Bow Wow’s next album. “I holla’d at Bow [Wow], then he mentioned [my overseeing his album] on the red carpet [for] Lottery Ticket premiere.” Understanding that fans ran with the news, Jadakiss deduced, “That’s what riled up [the fans]. We never really sat down and discussed me overseeing his project. We briefly talked about it over the phone, but we never [confirmed it].”

However, D-Block’s ‘Kiss did not say he was unwilling to work with the former child-rapper. “If it’s a right situation, we can work it out.”

Jadakiss also spoke about the state of The L.O.X. third album and his label situation. Watch the footage here.

Excerpt from HipHopDx.com



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