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Bizarre, D12 Respond To Nick Cannon’s Eminem Diss

Bizarre, D12 Respond To Nick Cannon's Eminem Diss

Bizarre and crew call out Nick Cannon for his Slick Rick imitation, and then say Mariah’s boo is a “God awful rapper.”

At this week’s Eminem and Jay-Z Yankee Stadium shows in New York City, Shade 45’s Angela Yee spoke to Em’s longtime group, D12. The popular radio host asked the group about “I’ma Slick Rick,” a song released by rapper, actor and television host Nick Cannon earlier this week. The song was a delayed response diss to Eminem, after the Detroit superstar released “The Warning” last year, calling out one-time girlfriend Mariah Carey and her new mate, Cannon.

“I heard it. It was absolutely terrible,” said Bizarre, referring to Cannon’s response. “Terrible! He was trying to act like he was Slick Rick.” Playing off of Diggy Simmons’ “Teach Me How To Dougie,” the America’s Got Talent host imitated legendary New York emcee Slick Rick, known for his distinct voice. “It’s bad enough that he’s a God-awful rapper, but then to try and do a Slick Rick accent was just absolutely horrible.” Ever calm, Bizarre stated, “You don’t want none with Marshall.”

Earlier this year, Bizarre released his latest solo album, Friday Nights At St. Andrews.

Excerpt from HipHopDx.com



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