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Jim Jonsin Says Charles Hamilton’s “A Little Strange”

Jim Jonsin Says Charles Hamilton's

Jim Jonsin speaks on why he feels Sonic’s “a little strange,” and says the beat he gave him should have gone to someone else.

When Charles Hamilton dropped his Jim Jonsin produced single, “Gauchos,” the producer caught some flack. Now, Jonsin is saying what he thinks about “Sonic” Hamilton’s personality and why he regrets giving the song to him. He also shed some light on who the track should have gone to, in his opinion.

“I’ll be honest,” Jonsin told VIBE. “I wasn’t really into that song at all. I told him and his manager that. There was another song for him that would’ve been much better, but he wanted that one. I love that beat, but I wouldn’t put B.o.B on that record either.”

He also went on to speak on Hamilton’s personality, calling him “a little strange” and “all over the place,” before admitting he wanted the track to go to Young Jeezy or T.I. instead.

“I find Charles Hamilton to be a little strange; he has his own vibe. He’s all over the place, but he’s a really good writer and is easy to get along with. I was going to play the actual track for T.I. or Jeezy. Nothing against what Charles did, but I wish that track went to someone else.

Excerpt from HipHopDx.com



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