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Loose Links: The Diplomats, Common, D.Black, Wendel Clark

Loose Links: The Diplomats, Common, D.Black, Wendel Clark

Billboard has some scoop on Dipset heading to Jimmy Iovine’s label, while a definitive Common mixtape drops.

G-Unit, The Diplomats In?

Billboard.com’s “Rumors & Ish” section has some skinny on where Cam’ron and Jim Jones’ squad may be headed. After a couple polished Def Jam releases and a heap of Duke Da God Koch platters, it’s a new home for the Dips, if true.

Read what their sources are saying here at “Rumors & Ish”

Common: Theater of the Mind

Shadyville/Vinyl Pusher DJ’s DJ Automatic made a tribute to one of our favorite Chicagoland emcees: Common Sense – and we’ve been in this thing long enough to call him that. Theater of the Mind uses interviews and spoken word explanations to show the man behind the music, as well as some crafty plays on Comm classics. And while we’re at it, the Resurrection box-set is in stores today. If you want a dope collector’s item, support.

Download Common: Theater of the Mind here.

The Blackest Brown

Seattle emcee and friend to the site D.Black appeared in the Underground Report section of the site last year for his Ali’Yah album with Jake One. He reached out to DX recently to tell our readers about his Bandcamp.com-exclusive project with B.Brown, called The Blackest Brown EP.

Listen to The Blackest Brown EP here.


No, we’re not talking about the dog that DMX honored with a back-tattoo. Rather, as staff spent a big part of this year day warding off industry opportunists, we decided to watch some good ol’ yesteryear hockey fights. As tribute to one of our favorite video games, NHL 94, the DX staff consisting of fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Pittsburgh Penguins, Winnepeg Jets (R.I.P.), Philadelphia Flyers and Los Angeles Kings opted to trade YouTube footage of some of our favorite fights from the ’90s. It has absolutely nothing to do with Hip Hop, but neither did Nicki Minaj and Drake’s faux-marriage, so here’s Wendel Clark booming Bruce Bell sometime before Lil Twist was born. Feel free to post your favorite sports fights below, with YouTube links, and we’ll add them to the cipher.

Watch Wendel “Boomer” Clark laying out Bruce Bell here.

Excerpt from HipHopDx.com



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