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T.I. Talks “Takers” And Working With Kanye West

T.I. Talks

Rapper T.I. speaks on his producing role in the film Takers and working in the studio with Kanye West.

Only days before the release of his new film Takers, Atlanta rapper T.I. spoke to Shade 45’s Angela Yee about both producing and starring in Takers.

T.I. explained that he was offered the role of producer and was therefore able to aid in the creative process of the film.

“Producing is actually a creative position,” T.I. explained. “A creative role. As an actor the opportunity was extended to me to become a part of this [vision]. As I read the script I was instantly intrigued by it just because of the dynamics of the story. I had comments and things that I felt that would make the movie better from the perspective of my character and just with the storyline.”

Aside from Takers T.I. also spoke on recording with fellow rapper Kanye West earlier this month.

“We did record. We did record six or seven [songs]. About 48 hours,” said T.I.

When asked if he would be on Kanye’s next album, T.I. replied, “Absolutely. If he want me on there I’m on there.”

T.I.’s new album King Uncaged will be released on September 28 while Takers will hit theaters this Friday, August 27.

Excerpt from HipHopDx.com



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