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News Bits: Ben J of New Boyz, Apollo Brown

DX News Bits: Ben J of New Boyz, Apollo Brown

Ben J of the New Boyz to star in upcoming film, producer Apollo Brown releases The Reset Instrumentals.

Ben J, one-half of the Hip Hop/pop duo the New Boyz, will both produce and star in The Function a new coming of age film that will be produced by Melee Entertainment.

The Function will revolve around a teenager who attempts to help his parents get their home out of foreclosure by throwing a huge party.

Melee Entertainment plans on promoting the film heavily through social networking, utilizing sites such as Twitter and Facebook. On top of promoting the film heavily online, Melee Entertainment also plans on setting up a tour that will feature the stars of The Function.

Production for The Function has yet to begin. The New Boyz are most well known for their hits “You’re A Jerk” and “Tie Me Down.”

In other Hip Hop news, producer Apollo Brown has released his latest project The Reset Instrumentals today (August 24). Described as being both “smooth” and “soulful” The Reset Instrumentals features tracks that mesh both Hip Hop and soul.

Click here to download Brown’s The Reset Instrumentals.

Excerpt from HipHopDx.com



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