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Wyclef Jean Ineligible To Run For President of Haiti

Wyclef Jean Ineligible To Run For President of Haiti

UPDATE #2: Wyclef is confirmed ineligible, the artist accepts ruling, but maintains that he could help lead Haiti.

Although earlier today Wyclef Jean told the Associated Press that he had a positive meeting with the current President of Haiti, authorities in the Caribbean country made a decision to deny his run for President. Yesterday, the former Fugees member was reportedly in hiding, awaiting this Friday’s decision on eligibility.

Wyclef was not included on the list that was released today, which contains the candidates that meet the legal requirements to run in the November election. According to a council official who spoke with Reuters, Jean’s candidacy did not meet several legal requirements. The announcement will formally be stated Friday (August 20) to the public.

HipHopDX will keep you updated. (August 19)

UPDATE: Late the morning on August 20, Wyclef Jean tweeted the following message, indicating that he still was awaiting a formal verdict.


No announcement from the Electoral Council has been made as of Friday, late afternoon. (August 20)

UPDATE #2: The Electoral Council has spoke. Wyclef Jean, as reported Thursday, has been deemed inelgible to run for President of Haiti. Namely, the musical artist who resides in New Jersey, had not lived in Haiti for the last five years, a requirement for the office.

In a statement following the ruling, Wyclef said, “I was inspired to run for President because I know Haiti can become great with the right leadership, and I believe I could be that leader.” He continued, “Ultimately, we must respect the rule of law in order for our island to become the great nation we all aspire for it to be.”

Excerpt from HipHopDx.com



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