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DX News Bits: Raekwon, B-Real, DJ Etronik

DX News Bits: Raekwon, B-Real, DJ Etronik

Raekwon talks RZA’s work on Kanye’s new album, B-Real readies a new project, and DJ Etronik is crowned king.

Wu-Tang emcee Raekwon, who has made headlines recently with his bold collaboration with Kanye West and Justin Bieber, has turned his attention to another high-profile paring of artists: Kanye West and The RZA.

“I [heard the song he did with RZA],” said Rae to Complex. “When Kanye played it, it was definitely what it needed to be. RZA didn’t stray away from his sound, RZA kept it where he was supposed to be. It’s definitely a Hip Hop beat, it’s not a beat that’s being driven to a commercial situation. When you look at somebody’s art, you look for color and contrasts and great thread. The material he’s coming with, it fits. It fits who he is and it fits his alter ego—the maniac, menacing production he puts on stuff. The production he got it just…it’s Hip Hop too. It’s not where you could say, “Oh he went somewhere else” or “He did something that he thought was going to work that may not work.” No. This guy is keeping it 100% raw Hip Hop.”

This news confirms reports that Kanye’s upcoming project, which features contributions from the likes of Q-Tip and Pete Rock, is more rooted in a traditional Hip Hop sound, rather than the electronica-influenced styles of 808s and Heartbreak.

Cypress Hill’s B-Real is readying his next project,The Harvest Vol. 1, set a September 28 release.

The project will be a compilation comprised of 20 tracks featuring various emcees, including L.O.C., Aygee, Xplicit and more.

The album will be available in-store and via digital retailer.

DJ Etronik has been crowned winner of the 2010 DMC U.S. competition. The Pico Rivera, CA  deejay was the first to represent the United States in the DMC World Finals, the longest-running deejay battles , in all three categories: 2006 DMC U.S. Supremacy Champion (head-to-head battle), 2008 DMC U.S.Team co-Champion (The Angry Exs), and 2010 DMC U.S. Champion (showcase battle).

On October 18, he will battle in London against DMC National Champions from all around the world. Tickets to the event can be purchased now at DMCworld.com.

Excerpt from HipHopDx.com



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