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Nas Joins Paul Rodriguez Jr. in Nike SB Ad

Nas Joins Paul Rodriguez Jr. in Nike SB Ad

P-Rod and Nasty Nas join forces for new Nike SB ad.

Paul Rodriguez Jr. has made a name for himself in the skate world, catapulting him well beyond simply being known as a famous comedian’s son. As one of the world’s most prominent skateboarders, he has also helped in creating one of Nike SB’s most successful products, the P-Rod series shoes. Adding to that, Rodriguez and Nike are releasing the fourth edition of popular P-Rods with a little help from Nas.

This isn’t the first time Rodriguez has joined rappers in ads. He has also been in an ad with Ice Cube in the past. With Nas on board, the ad has P-Rod skating while Mr. Jones provides words, accompanied by the instrumental to Untitled’s “Hero.”

“Remember where you come from and look beyond it,” Nas says in the ad for P-Rod 4, while writing in a notebook during a studio session. “Take criticism and learn from it. Success follows…Be better. Elevate. Inspire.”

The video can be seen below.

Excerpt from HipHopDx.com



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