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Rick Ross Talks Making Up With T.I.


Triple C’s leader Rick Ross recently talked about his past issues with T.I. prior to hooking up with him for the “Maybach Music III” mixtape. Rick says they put the issues behind them to work together.

“I felt the time was right for me and T.I. [to work together],” Ross said in an interview. “We had never personally collaborated with each other on a record one on one. Early on in my career, I had said [negative] things when I didn’t know him. Just us being bosses and us being leaders and us being examples, we bossed up. We both did. He came from home doing what he did. I did my thing…Just on a mutual respect for each other, I reached out to him. When I got that verse back, I was like, ‘He meant that.’ We had been seeing each other over a period of time, saluting each other, bumping into each other, he knew I was a fan of his. We captured that moment in time which was one of the dopest records.”

Excerpt from RapBasement.com



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