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Fat Joe Offered $100,000 For Live Broadcast Of Concert

Fat Joe Offered $100,000 For Live Broadcast Of Concert

Social networking company Xumanii is offering the Bronx emcee up at least $100k for the rights to broadcast a live stream of his next performance.

Even though the lukewarm debut of Fat Joe’s critically acclaimed The Darkside, Vol. 1 became fodder for an insult video from 50 Cent, Bronx star rapper may still get the last laugh. Now, social networking and media aggregate site Xumanii is offering Joey Crack the opportunity to live broadcast his next concert, netting him a minimum of $100,000 in online ticket sales.

“As a fellow New Yorker myself, I have worked within the music industry for years, [and] my partner and I have been personal fans for many years,” said Tandy Weems, Chief Business Development Officer for Xumanii. “We would like to offer our cutting edge Xumanii technology with its empowering marketing features to you [for] free to film and stream live your next performance and offer it as a pay-per-view event that will be broadcast on Xumanii, with all ticket sales going directly to you.”

According to Weems, Xumanii will stream his next performance online across the globe for the price of $10 a ticket. He says that he can guarantee at least 10,000 paying viewers even without the benefit of sponsorship. With sponsorship, Xumanii claims they can double ticket sales.

“We will offer ‘digital tickets’ for sale to your world-wide fan base at an affordable price of $10,” Weems explained. “Marketing and promoting together with no sponsorship support, Xumanii can guarantee you a minimum of 10,000 people watching and tickets sold, bringing in $100,000! With sponsorship support, we can effortlessly double that! This will assist you in solidifying sales for your new album while drawing world-wide attention by being a head of all others marketing with a new, ‘not available’ to the public empowering wireless live technology.”

Go to Xumanii’s website for more information about its services and other events they are currently streaming.

Excerpt from HipHopDx.com



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