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Charles Hamilton Leaves Mental Hospital

Charles Hamilton Leaves Mental Hospital

UPDATE: VIBE.com learns that Charles Hamilton is checked out from the institution.

Harlem rapper Charles Hamilton has had a difficult period since 2008. The onetime Interscope Records hopeful was on the heels of releasing a debut album, working with the likes of DJ Skee and others, and gaining profile for his unique voice, affinity for Sonic The Hedgehog and Sega and trademark pink headphones.

In the months since, Hamilton was involved in an altercation with a woman, captured by viral video. The rapper claimed that he was going to credit the deceased J Dilla as his debut album’s executive producer – prompting threats and verbal sparring from members of the Detroit Hip Hop community. With additional conflicts with other rappers including Rhymefest, the young emcee soon went on hiatus, after releasing numerous mixtapes at a rapid pace. When he appeared to speak to VIBE earlier this year, Hamilton claimed he was supposed to be in the quartet Slaughterhouse, among other things.

Today, reports started that the DXnext artist has checked into a city mental hospital.

In a statement published by Bossip.com, Hamilton spoke about checking himself into New York Presbyterian Mental Hospital. Although the lengthy statement touches on a number of things, Charles reportedly said this about his stay. “In this hospital I can really be my natural self. Just like I am in the Industry but everyone is so content with putting up this fake imagery that feel like being yourself ruins your image. Everything I’ve done in this industry, whether it was based on outside speculation, peer pressure, or the outside feeling I was being extorted or the outside feeling I was buggin out, I remained true to me.”

To read the full statement, visit Bossip.com. (July 27)

UPDATE: VIBE.com confirms that Charles Hamilton has checked out of the New York hospital, and is reportedly back home. Read the story here.

Excerpt from HipHopDx.com



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