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Nicki Minaj Answers Fan Questions In Live Q&A

Nicki Minaj Answers Fan Questions In Live Q&A

In a live Q&A presented by Billboard, rapper Nicki Minaj answered fan questions on Pink Friday, past regrets, and more.

In a live interview with Billboard, rapper Nicki Minaj spoke on a number of topics posed by fans through Tweets sent to Billboard. The female MC spoke on her album Pink Friday, women she would place in her dream group, past regrets, and more.

When speaking on her Pink Friday album Minaj revealed that the album will not be reminiscent of the style she was known for years ago.

“I respect people that love ’07 Nicki and I’m definitely going to give you some stuff on Pink Friday. I won’t forget anybody,” Minaj explained. “But I have to be true to me. I started seeing different things, going to different places, eating different things. It would be fraudulent to rap the same way and look the same way because I’m not the same. Period.”

Minaj also spoke on a number of light-hearted topics including what females she would put in her dream group.

“We would have to have Lauryn Hill, like have to, and we would have to have Cyndi Lauper ’cause she’s funny, she’s crazy,” said Minaj. “[She] reminds me of myself and I love her voice. I would produce her in the studio and be like, ‘Cyndi, give it to me like this.’ I want that feeling, I want that stuff’.”

Pink Friday, Nicki Minaj’s debut album, is scheduled to be released on November 23.

Excerpt from HipHopDx.com



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