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Game’s Brake Lights Tape Is ‘Like A Real Album,’ DJ Skee Says


‘This time around, it’s a lot higher [quality],’ Skee tells Mixtape Daily.


The O.D.: A Mixtape Daily Exclusive

If you’ve been following the Game’s new Twitter page, you’ll see that his fans have given resounding kudos to his new mixtape, Brake Lights. The project was produced by Cool & Dre and hosted by DJ Skee and was released at midnight Tuesday online.

“Reason we named it Brake Lights is because it’s something you don’t see if you’re following us often — we don’t stop,” Skee said from his SkeeTV headquarters. “We just had to talk about it. Plus we just did The R.E.D. Album with Game. The biggest difference between this and The Red Room [mixtape] is, I think, the quality of records. This time around, it’s a lot higher. We got some crazy features, more original stuff. It’s not really any freestyles over other people’s beats. It’s all original music. So it’s really like a real album. We’re going back to those classic Game/ DJ Skee street-album days. It’s gonna be pretty crazy.”

Included on the tape is “Street Riders,” on which guest MC Nas references Pharrell Williams by name and throws some subliminals at 50 Cent. “I showed n—as their first Bentley/ How the f— I window shop?” he raps.

“We’ve actually had it done forever,” Skee said. “It was actually supposed to be on the Doctor’s Advocate album. It didn’t make it for one reason or another. There’s been a bunch of different reincarnations of the song. … I actually have eight different versions of the song. Game, he went back in. He said, ‘It’s time to do it.’ Cool & Dre did the beat. So we was like, ‘Let’s throw it on the mixtape. It’s probably never going to come out other than that.’ I played a snippet of it on the radio years ago, and fans have been going crazy since then. We threw that on. Game did two new verses. He wanted to make it more relevant for today. You have a crazy Nas verse. Akon kills the hook. It’s one of the craziest, darkest Cool & Dre beats. It’s one of my favorite Game records ever. So it’s finally out, Brake Lights, it’s official.”

The Compton star brings in another West Coast giant on “Trading Places.”

“It’s the second song on the mixtape,” Skee described. “The beat, when I heard it, it just sounded like something different. Game and Snoop Dogg on a record. West Coast — what more could you want?”

Excerpt from MTV.com



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