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Yayo Says He’d Set Up Game And Smoke Him


Yesterday Tony Yayo said that not only does he thnk that female rapper Nicki Minaj should be on G-Unit but they actually could have signed her years ago. Now 50 Cent‘s right-hand man is saying that not only would he not accept apology and make up with ex-G-Unit member rapper The Game but he would he would “set him up” so that can “smoke him on the tour bus.”

During an interview on u-stream, Tony Yayo said that The Game is Bi-Polar and unable to be loyal. “You know what I think would be cool if Game comes back,” Yayo asked. “I’d set him up and smoke him on the tour bus or something. Or throw him off the tour bus or run him over with the tour bus or poison his food, or, I don’t know, something. I want him to get back so I can set him up…I don’t see nobody I had beef with. We’re running around doing our thing and they’re running around doing nothing. I don’t want to be friends with Game. I don’t want to be friends with that guy. That guy’s bi-polar. He’s gonna say ‘F*ck G-Unit‘ tomorrow. He’s crying one day saying, ‘Oh, hip-hop,’ then he said, ‘Oh, I want to be with the Unit,’ then he said, ‘I don’t want beef with n*ggas,’ then ‘F*ck Yayo.’ I don’t got time for that man.”

Excerpt from RapBasement.com



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