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KRS-One To Read From & Sign “The Gospel Of Hip Hop” In Los Angeles

Released in October of 2009, KRS-One’s latest book, The Gospel of Hip Hop is over 800 pages of the Rap icon’s views on Hip Hop and spirituality. The book particularly looks at the culture in the backdrop of a technically advanced society. “Like weaving, swimming and dreaming these activities can all be done without technological assistance,” wrote KRS-One. “In a world that is making tremendous strides in technological advancement, it is always healthy and right to maintain one’s humanity which is essential to a well-rounded education and most of all, peace of mind.”

As the Boogie Down Productions leader recently released an EP with Just-Ice before projects planned with True Master, Showbiz and Freddie Foxxx respectively, he will be in Los Angeles tomorrow to read from and sign The Gospel of Hip Hop. Fans and readers can meet, great and catch a lesson from “The Teacha” at Amoeba’s Jazz Room in Los Angeles July 28. The festivities will start at 6pm PST.

Excerpt from HipHopDx.com



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