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Tupac’s Murder A Conspiracy? Watch Here!

John Potash, the author of “FBI War On Tupac & Black Leaders” recently explained that he believes the United States was involved in 2pacs murder. “Being that he had the top selling CD’s in the world and was starring in major motion pictures, which made him a rap and film star,” Potash reasoned as motivation to target Pac. “He was also engaged to the daughter of Quincy Jones, a well-established and respected person in the entertainment business, which increased his popularity. He had very close relationships with his extended Black Panther Party family, who acted as his mentors…A high level police detective named Russell Poole got himself assigned to the murder investigation of Biggie, during his investigation he stumbled across the fact that Death Row Records employed many officers who were considered agents. Poole also found typical intelligence operations such as trafficking drugs, guns and laundering money taking place at Death Row Records…Of course [the government killed Tupac.] They orchestrated his assassination.”

Watch here!

Excerpt from RapBasement.com



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