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Rick Ross confirms Correctional Officer past

Maybe I’ve been under a rock, but I thought this talk of Rick Ross being a Correctional Officer was closed; a picture speaks a thousand words. WJLB, Detroit radio station sat down with Sir Rawse, where he opened up about being a CO.

“It’s a lot of truth to it. And its a lot of truth to hustling and still getting money. And when you self made you understand that. If I went broke and had to go to McDonalds and sell fries. If I knew I had the ambition and drive that I do… at that point did I know I was going to build an empire worth $10million… naw.”

Foolish was slick and tried to set Officer Rawse up to see if he was still connected (jokes, lol)

Foolish: “You probably got more connected doing that than anything?”

Ross: “Naw… You know my homies that put me on was Kenneth, Booby Williams. Some homies that’s doing life sentences. It get no stronger than MY homies from Dade county that’s no longer here. And that’s why I rep the way I do.”

Righttttttt! Ricky Rozay (as he now goes by) is set to release “Teflon Don” on July 20th. Although it has leaked over the net, I foresee him doing great number wise. You can hate him all you want personally but there is NO denying his skills on a track. BAWSE!

Check out the 97.9 WJLB interview footage. He speaks on his law suit with Drug Dealer, Rick Ross also: HHW

Excerpt from HipHopWeekly.com



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