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Nas Backlash? Kelis’ Latest Album Bombs Badly On Billboard Selling Less Than 8K Copies In Its First Week

Its been a busy year or so for Kelis as far as being in the media spotlight. Her divorce from rapper Nas has taken more twists and turns than a trip thru a corn maze in autumn. Things have gotten down right ugly between the two parties and a lot of fans had begun accusing Kelis of just being money-hungry and attempting to suck Nas’ bank account dry.

With a new deal under Interscope and all the publicity, the table was set for a big return for the woman that brought about hits such as ‘Bossy’ and ”Milkshake”. Well it didnt happen. She debuted this week at number 46 on the Billboard albums chart selling 7800 copies of her new album ‘Fleshtone’. Did fans think she was set to get more than enough money from her ex-husband and didnt feel he needed the support? Share your thoughts on this monumental flop!

Excerpt from ThisIs50.com



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