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Mary J. Blige, Production Team ‘The Clutch’ Sued Over ‘Take Me As I Am’

Mary J Blige

(AllHipHop News) R&B singer Mary J. Blige and popular production team “The Clutch” which features Keri Hilson, are at the center of a copyright dispute involving Blige’s hit single “Take Me As I Am.”

Songwriters Jay Ballard and Kim Jones filed a lawsuit against Mary J. Blige and The Clutch in United States District Court in the Central District of California.

The duo claim Blige and The Clutch stole their song “Take Me As I Am” which was released in 1995 and used it for her hit 2005 song of the same name, taken from her hit album The Breakthrough.

Ballard and Jones are seeking an accounting for all singles and albums sold in all formats, royalties and an accounting of publishing income derived from using the song in advertisements.

The Clutch has produced a number of hits for artists like Justin Bieber, Keri Hilson, Omarion, Britney Spears, Ciara, Jennifer Lopez, Timbaland and others.

Excerpt from AllHipHop.com



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