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Gun Blasts: Gloria Velez Goes In On Keys, Drake & Nicki Minaj (Part1)

Audio After The Jump

Gloria Velez considers herself a pioneer for female Latina’s in the business. In this interview with MajorMovesDVD she talks about her aspirations to be the first Latina rapper to break the platinum sales mark in hip hop.

She also takes time to clown Nicki Minaj again. Glo went in on Nicki over Young Money’sRoger That” beat a few months ago, now she’s added Drake to her list of targets

“I actually agree with Lil Kim, like I said in my rhymes,” Gloria says. “In the beginning Nicki was trying to be Lil Kim with the pictures, the spreading the legs, mimicking Fox [Foxy Brown]. Trying to rap reggae, certain slang the way Fox said it. Kim definitely paved the way for females and Nicki Minaj should give her props. And I think that was a bitch ass move for Drake to even get into female business. That’s some bitch ass sh*t, come on dude are you serious, like is the p*ssy that good?

Glo says there is no way Nicki Minaj will go gold on her debut album and calls Keys corny and ugly.

Interesting stuff, let’s see if Nicki or Keys fires back

Listen to Part 1 click here

Excerpt from ThisIs50.com



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