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Gloria Velez : Says Nicki Minaj Is A Fake Bisexual, Remy Ma Is Irrelevant & Joe Budden (Part2)

Audio After The Jump

We showed you part one of Gloria Velez’ Major Moves DVD interview. Peep it HERE.

She’s back, gunz blazing for part two. Gloria is an actress/rapper/model who is fast becoming known for speaking her mind no matter who it offends.

Glo has been going in on Nicki Minaj nonstop for the last several months. After releasing a diss track titled “Roger That” accusing the Young Money femcee of being a gimmick. She added Drake to her list, calling him a b*tch for coming to Nicki’s defense in her beef with Lil Kim.

Now Glo is speaking her mind about incarcerated rapper Remy Ma.

She tells CEO Money Joe that Remy “irrelevant“. Seems the two had issues before Remy went to prison.

“She [Remy Ma] told Funk Flex she didn’t like me. I mean come on how do you just not like somebody and want to fight them? Alright then we can do it, let’s pop it off, alright b*tch. I’ll be damed if I’ll be afraid of anybody.

Glo also goes in on her ex, Joe Budden. Accusing the Slaughterhouse rapper of using women to keep his name relevant.

He’s using women to keep his name in the public eye all over the internet,” Gloria tell Major Moves. “He’s using these females, that have some type of name, that are doing something and that are pretty and these girls don’t understand that he’s using them. He used Tacera, Tacara [Tahiry] whatever that girl’s name is that he was living with. He used her with her [big] butt, then he used Somaya [Reece] and now he’s using Esther [Baxter].

She criticizes Nicki Minaj for being a fake bisexual, claiming the Queens rapper is just saying it to be like Lady Gaga because in reality she “really likes d*ck“.

There’s a lot more to the interview, so peep it click here.

Excerpt from ThisIs50.com



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