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Now That’s A Playa: Snoop Dogg Bans Men From His UK Party, Plays Host To Over 100 Beautiful Women

SWORDSMAN SNOOP DOGG sure knows how to stack the odds in his favour.
He insisted only women be allowed into the VIP room at his post-Wireless party

And his strict bloke ban even extended to members of staff at the London club venue.

To make sure the rules were enforced with suitable vigour, he also installed his own security inside Merah in the West End.

And his minders had another critical role – to invite in any girls Snoop might like the look of. They did a good job, picking more than 100.

Snoop put in an impressive live shift at the festival in Hyde Park then partied at the club, splashing out more than $25,000 on posh Armand de Brignac champagne to keep his companions happy.

A witness told me: “Snoop was in his element. He had his own room towards the back of the club and there must have been more than 100 women in there.

He had two huge security guards on the door who would not let any blokes anywhere near it.

They were even turning away male staff who were ferrying all the champagne his way.

Security kept their eyes open and if they saw any ladies they thought Snoop would approve of, they invited them in.

The wily rapper made sure he was on his A-game throughout.

He didn’t touch a drop of bubbly all evening – sticking to mineral water instead.

That’s a serious commitment to the art of womanising. And I salute him for it. The MC was one of the highlights of Glastonbury for me this year and his Saturday afternoon set at the Wireless Festival was just as good.

Though there were a few grumbles before he made it out on stage.

Snoop had words with organisers backstage when he arrived at the festival and discovered his dressing room wasn’t to his exact specifications.

A witness told me: “Snoop was good natured backstage but wasn’t chuffed at the size of his quarters.

“A few quick modifications were made and he was then as good as gold.

What fella wouldn’t be, with a club crammed with attractive women waiting for them?

Excerpt from TheSun.co.uk



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