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Game Talks Rick Ross & Beanie Sigel Collab

As it get’s closer to the release date (now 8/24) for Game’s new “R.E.D.” album, more and more details about the project are leaking out. During a new interview, Game talked about “Heavy Artillery,” a track not only features Rick Ross but also Beanie Sigel. “Me, Rick Ross and Beanie Sigel on a track called ‘Heavy Artillery,’ ” he said. “I’m definitely a fan of Beans. I did my verse first, sent it to them. Ross came back, and I was still comfortable with my verse. Beans came back — rewrite! [I had to] rewrite [my verse]. Sent [the track] back to Ross. Ross heard Beans: rewrite. Now we got what we need. Now everybody is on the same playing field. Beans, he sounds like he’s hungry, like he ain’t have his hair braided in six years and he ain’t ate in 10.”

     Game also says that this album is diss free, that is there is no beefs to listen to. Last week Game got Drake to be on the Cool & Dre-produced “Good Girl, Bad Girl” song after there were rumors Game dissed Drake with the lines “‘While you mutha—-as waiting on Toronto/ I’m in the hood with Poncho/ Stackin’ Rajon Rondo,” but he says it’s not like that at all. “You could [interpret any way]. But it’s your music. You buy it,” he rationalized. “You take what you want from it. I can’t be there to sanction and tell everybody, ‘You shouldn’t take it that way.’ You take it how you want to.”

Excerpt from RapBasement.com



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