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50 Cent Going To Columbia Is Bogus?

Late yesterday a story broke saying that 50 Cent was off the market and had a new label home, but Miss Info says that simply isn’t true. “Wow, Craig Davis! This is big news! Except….that it’s not true,” Info wrote on her personal blog Thursday (July 1). “When I asked an insider if 50 Cent was now on Capitol/EMI….the answer was: ‘H*ll no.’ Well, d*mn *Gucci Mane voice* Now we all know that Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo are indie right now, but as far as the big guy is concerned, he’s still fully in contract with Shady/Aftermath/Interscope, and still has a greatest hits album to release. But even beyond that…sources say he was not in talks to sign to Capitol himself.”

    Yesterday we reported that a Capital Records executive said they signed one of the hottest free-agents in the hip hop industry, G-Unit leader, 50 Cent. During a recent interview, Capital/EMI Vice President of Urban Promotions Craig Davis said that 50 Cent had signed a deal with the record label. “Now I’m over at Capitol Records and got a great roster over at Capitol,” Davis said in an interview. “[We] got Snoop Dogg over there, got Anita Baker over there, Al Green over there, got LeToya Luckett over there, got Bobby Valentino over there. A really, really great roster there, Raekwon [too.] We just signed a 50 Cent deal over there….50 thought he needed to get out of the Interscope machine, he wanted to do a new change so he got his release from there, we were in negotiations with him and the deal just got signed very recently. And now we got 50 Cent on the label, I think we’ll probably have Lloyd Banks cut in his first cut and then 50’s gonna come out later on.”

Click here to see official video!

Excerpt from RapBasement.com



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