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Lil Kim & Nicki Minaj Collab Leaks (Audio)

It looks like Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj are on pace to get rid of their little beef as the two apparently did a collaboration which former Bad Boy producer, D-Dot, is giving details on. The unfinished song called “Everywhere We Go,” features Minaj who was approved by Lil Kim to lay her vocals. “As soon as Kim came home from jail–right before ‘Dancing With The Stars‘–I was like, ‘There’s this new b*tch that’s about to be hot, you might want to f*ck with her,'” remembers D-Dot, who laid the beat. “Nicki came to the studio and did the verse with me. She hadn’t even met Kim…[Lil Kim] said ‘cool when you put Nicki on it send it back to me.’ … I sent it back and she never re-did a new verse. So that’s the same old Lil Kim reference verse…I didn’t leak the record. The only people that had a copy was Lil Kim and me. So I don’t really know where that came from.” In the mean time you can listen to the “Unfinished” song below!

Excerpt from RapBasement.com



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