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Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay-Z Boycotted Chris Brown? Andre 3000 Needs Stacks? Lady Gaga And Dr. Dre?


You probably heard this already and so did I, but I didn’t want to put too much bad smell on the show. BUT the rumor is, Jay-Z didn’t bother to attend the awards because BET decided to hoist Chris Brown back into the limelight via the Michael Jackson dedication. But, that didn’t sit well with Jay-Z or his people (Beyonce and Rihanna) so they weren’t there, according to this rumor. I also heard on the low that’s why Drake beat out Jay-Z in one of those categories they were competing against.


I always wondered what rappers do when they aren’t rapping and performing. In the case of one Andre Benjamin, I wonder even more. I know he had done some things in movies and whatever, but mostly, he’s been quiet. Well, here we go. Dude is back to work, I am hearing. Supposedly, he’s begun to film “Four Brothers 2” with Marky Mark Wahlberg and Tyrese. I suppose we’ll have to wait even longer for the Outkast reunion. OH WELL!!!! More STACKS for THREE STACKS!


AllHipHop.com got up with Dr. Dre  and guess what hew as talking about? You better believe it. Peep the video! Click here!

Here is another one. My folks over at thehiphopchronicle.com told me that they got word that Lady Gaga is set to appear on the final version of “Under Pressure” along with Jay-Z. Interscope isn’t confirming or denying so who knows. I can’t really see Jay with Dre with Gaga on that track unless the track changes.

Excerpt from AllHipHop.com



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